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Hey there, Marketing Mavericks and Branding Buffs! 

Are you ready to press ‘Start’ on a new level of engagement? Coastal Digital Group is here to power-up your digital campaigns with the secret cheat code: in-banner mini-game ads. Forget the static images and predictable carousels; it’s time to play a different game—one where your brand is the hero and engagement is the quest.

Stats Don’t Lie: Mini-Games for Mega Impact

Mini-game ads are not just fun and games; they’re serious business when it comes to boosting engagement and brand recognition. It’s reported that interactive ads like mini-games can boost engagement rates significantly. For instance, they are known to increase brand interaction by up to 88% compared to standard banner ads. This level of engagement is crucial for brands looking to make a lasting impression in the crowded digital space. 


Sky-High Engagement

Mini-games are like digital catnip for consumers, with engagement rates that leave traditional ads in the dust.

* In partnership with Apex Mobile Media

Interactive Storytelling

Mini-games allow you to weave your brand’s narrative into an interactive experience, making every click part of the story.

* In partnership with Illumin & Corus Entertainment

Brand Recall Boost

Players might forget a banner, but they won’t forget the adrenaline rush of beating a high score with your logo on the leaderboard.

* In partnership with Apex Mobile Media

Demographics: Who’s Playing?

Mini-games have universal appeal, but they particularly resonate with the younger, tech-savvy crowd—think Millennials and Gen Zers who grew up with controllers in hand. They’re the ones most likely to interact with your brand’s mini-game and share their triumphs on social media.

Coastal Digital Group: Your High Score in Ad Creation

At Coastal Digital Group, we don’t just create ads; we create worlds. Worlds where your brand is the protagonist in an epic saga of engagement and conversion. Our mini-game ads are tailored to your brand’s unique identity, ensuring that every game is a direct hit with your target audience.

Ready to make your brand the talk of the digital town? Contact Coastal Digital Group and let’s craft a mini-game ad that will have your audience coming back for just one more round. Because in the game of advertising, we play to win.

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